Learning for Life 123

 Our daughter was enrolled at Learning for Life since she was 1 year of age for a total of about 3.5 years full time.  
We feel very fortunate to have found Miss Ana the environment, her program and development/teaching style was a great fit for our family and daughter. She became an extension of our family and really helped provide a positive, loving, nurturing, consistent and structured environment for our daughter while away from home (we both work full time). While there are many great attributes to share about learning for life, the highlights for us include the following: the smaller number of kids and very low turnover (kids/families) allowed for a consistent environment for relationship building, play and social-emotional development. Miss Ana is SOO loving and caring with the children and knows them individually to a "T", Miss Ana does an amazing job of coaching children to develop their social-emotional skills (to speak up for themselves, treat each other with respect, communicate verbalize their feelings, self confidence etc.); communication with Miss Ana is always open and welcomed (We are always looking for ways to be consistent between school and home); bilingual curriculum is a major plus; and Spanish music class a major plus-- our daughter loved it and really helped her get out of her shell. Our daughter has recently moved on to a Pre-K program but has left Miss Ana's with solid social-emotional skills ( to provide a good foundation as she continues to develop in these areas) as well as "academic skills" (letters, numbers, matching, shapes, sequencing, fine motor skills, colors etc.) We are forever grateful for all she has done in helping develop our daughter and highly recommend her program if your are looking for a loving, nurturing, consistent and structure environment for your child.

  -Burks Family

  "Ms. Ana provides the kind of  
   environment that we really wanted 
   for our children. She and Ms. Irma 
   are warm and kind, yet lovingly firm
   with the children as they grown and
   learn. My six year old daughter, now
   a 1st grader, prepared for 
   Kindergarten while at Learning for 
   life, and her transition to school went
    smoothly. She was ready and loves 
    school. My son, now 2.5 years old,
    enjoys the little family of Little for Life, 
    especially art activities, playing outside,
    and music day. I appreciate the hugs he
    gets throughout the day and how he's
    learning to be a good friend. We are glad
    to have found this wonderful little daycare
    and preschool for our children"